There are two types of visitors on our website, OEM - original equipment manufacturers from automation industries and their potential customers. They are both very interested in manufacturing engineering and machinery building. They are looking for an excellent source of high quality products and information and thanks to our on-site and off-site optimization they are able to find it here.


Search engine optimization, together with social networks like Facebook and Twitter are bringing together people who are interested in buying, selling or are interested in news from the automation industries. Specialized networks connected to this website like LinkedIn and Pinterest increase  your chances to meet the right people. allows you to reach worldwide markets. There are 1.2 billion people who speak the Chinese language and another 1.3 billion who speak English. Thanks to this website you can reach them. This means 2.5 potential customers waiting to hear about your brand.


How ca you reach this audience? In three easy, simple but effective ways:

●     Register your company and fill in the basic information

●     Register as many of your products as you want

●     Start business blogging under our header and share your knowledge


These steps will help you to...

●     Rise your company awareness

●     Establish you as industry leader

●     Generate leads

●     And most of all, increase sales.