Rexroth Sytronix – Variable speed-pump drives for hydraulic applications as Die Casting Machines or Plastics Processing Machines

October 07, 2014

The requirement for greater energy efficiency receives the first place the majority of end-user at present. Particularly in applications with high energy requirements - as for example in molding technique – the reduced energy consumption helps decisively to reduce the operating costs and thus becomes a guarantee of success. Precisely in order to increase energy efectivity. Rexroth has developed a universal solution that is now successfully used in drives and technology management .
Already during the proposal of the whole system  all four pillars of Rexroth for Energy Efficiency (4EE) are applied consistently, which then allow optimal management according to current needs and use optimized components including energy  recovery. These principles can be applied without exception  also in fluid technology. The manufacturer has developed and offers a large number of energy-saving components and complete solutions.



Environmental and energy friendly

Rexroth pronounced that energy will be saved between 30 % and 80 % this could be interesting for die casting machines manufacturers that are pushing to produce cheaper and cheaper machines with low energy consumptions according European Commission Directive No. 640/2009


Lower noise emission
Reducing the hydraulic power unit’s average noise emission by up to twenty decibels (A) makes it easier to satisfy noise management rules and reduces soundproofing expenses.

Compact machine style
Reduced tank size because of a lower oil volume, with less cooling instrumentation needed thanks to reduced cooling demands.

Easier installation and reduced authorizad expenses
Plug & play Sytronix kits with pre-configured motor pump units in numerous performance cathegories with absolutely tailored hydraulic and electrical elements.

High machine usability through reduced shut off /standby period
Advanced identification and condition observance functions resulting in additional reliable operation.

Improved simple practicality and precision
Through optimized method controller and extra innovative options.

Prime quality international industry-related consulting, engineering and repair support
Rexroth specialists offer simulation services, retrofit engineering and worldwide multi-technological service support. Get pleasure from the power and competences of a trully hi-tech product line.



HOW to choose  the right sitronix?

Die casting Machines

- Sytronix DFE

- Sytronix SvP

Machine Tools

- Sytronix  FcP

Plastics Processing Machines

- Sytronix DFE


Woodworking and Papermaking Machines

- Sytronix FcP

- Sytronix DFE

- Sytronix SvP




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