ValveMate 9000 top-control unit

October 07, 2014

About Nordson EFD  manufacturer

Nordson EFD is a  manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems. Nordson EFD has launched a new product, ValveMate 9000 top-control unit for operating high acurant valves. The sophisticated microprocessor controlled circuit ensures accurate dosing with fine control, repatable volumes of adhesives, lubricants and other process fluids used in the manufacturing industry and medical applications.The company is also known as leader of specialty solder pastes for dispensing and printing applications in the electronics industry.



  • remote programming via a PLC or other remote source
  • ValveMate9000 unit allows independent management and programming of two valves including temperature control with power 24 VAC for thermocouples type J.
  • each channel can drive an external high-speed solenoid valve with a frequency up to 500 Hz
  • At high dosage rate it can damage the valve delivery system  by high voltage or overvoltage. For this reason, the VM9000 has a  sophisticated solution with unique functionality - Spike-and-Hold
  • the correct setting lets you to create Spike-and-Hold control unit. Voltage spikes on the user set period of time after which a reduced voltage at user-defined parameter

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