Analyzer network parameters MAU3 485

July 14, 2014

Analyzer network parameters MAU3 485 is an electronic device that:

measured parameters of network variables, i.e. voltage and current,
analyzing the network parameters, i. e. power, power factor, and average hourly power consumption,
evaluates statistical parameters, t. e. consumer bu, operating hours and the percentage energy savings.

The device is powered by a three-phase electrical network whose parameters measured and evaluated. Input device itself is less than 2 W, which insignificantly affects the measured parameters. The device is mounted on a DIN rail module has a size 6M DIN (106 mm), height is 66 mm. Contains the infrared spectrum, LCD display with LED backlight, 2 x 16 characters (character height is 5.7 mm) and one control button.

Technical parameters
Measured parameters

- Voltage measurement phase supply TNC or TNCS, 230 VAC +10% (measurement from 0 to 110%), value (evaluation method) True RMS resolution 0.1 V Accuracy ± 2.5% ± 5 dg (dg 5. figure corresponds to 0.122 V).
- Current measurement phase flow (asymmetric), value (evaluation method) True RMS, range 0-16 A, resolution 0.01 A (10 mA). Accuracy: ± 2.5% ± 5 dg (dg 5. Figure corresponds to 0.0122 A).
analytical parameters

- Active power, unit [W], resolution of 0.01 W.
- Reactive power, unit [VAr], resolution 0.01 var.
- Apparent power, unit [VA], resolution 0.01 VA.
- Power factor (Power Factor), range from 0.01 to 1.00, 0.01 resolution.
- The consumption unit [kWh], the cumulative value, range 0.00000 kWh to 9,999,999 kWh floating decimal point (float point). Volatilnosť: memorized every hour of operation.
- Hours of operation, the cumulative value range from 0 to 99,999 hours. Volatilnosť: memorized every hour of operation.
Statistical parameters

- The average hourly power consumption, unit [W], resolution of 0.01 W.
- Percentage energy savings, range -999% to 99.9%.

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