BaWiT - Battery powered wireless telemetric microPLC system

July 11, 2014

Construction design of the device allows use it in aggressive and mechanically demanding environments, including environments with potentially explosive gas Ex. The device is from BaWiT series with accent to low energy consumption, but simultaneously it keeps all necessary properties of classic monitoring and control systems including ability to remote commanding. A smart battery power system allows realizing applications even in sites where it is not effective or unavailable supplying from the external power source, or it is requested independent monitoring and surveillance of an equipment. The difference between BaWiT-A and BaWiT-B is the number of connceted battery cells that are capable of powering the system up to 10 years without an external power source or charging connection according to the connected components and sensors. The system can be powered from the mains, too.

Integrated wireless GSM/GRPS interfaces increases the flexibility of the system and allows the transfer of data to the master system. Radio frequency module at 868 MHz band is suitable accessory for data concentration from multiple points without any additional operating costs. Besides various standard measurement options, the device may be equipped with own converter of any physical quantity(temperature, humdity, pressure, distance, etc.). All system parts and links between them is possible configure and changed by an user with instructions of SPL™ language developed for these battery systems.

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