Our ultimate goal is to create a stable connection between OEM - original equipment manufacturers from automation industries with as many potential customers as possible. Together we can do it fast, worldwide and online.


We help companies to be successful in both the online and offline world too. If your goal is to be competitive in the global market, you are in a right place. With our sophisticated tactics you will increase your SEO, reach and visibility. This will lead to higher number of customer leads and sales. As a bonus you will receive an easy to use customer relationship system and statistics for free.


On the other hand, we are here for automation customers too. Are you a customer looking for new distributors or simply for components? We can help you. On this website you will find a rich library of industrial automation equipment. All of this in a one place and from top brands on the market. You will also receive great information from industry leaders in a blogs.


All of the business presentations and product descriptions will be available in two global languages -English and Chinese. Allowing you access to some of the largest markets in the world. Are you ready to join?