Our story

Here’s John, he is running a manufacturing and building company and he is looking for hot news about competitors and new products within the industry. What do you think he is going to do? Yes, you are right, he is going to Google it. Unfortunately, there is no place where he can find all of the information in one spot, or l  say:“There has not been a place like that before”?

That’s why we came up with idea of http://fairautomation.com/. It is a place where supply and demand for fair automation comes together. Since we do not have millions of visitors yet, we are increasing chances of making sales. How? Easily. Visitors on this page are people from industry who are highly interested in fair automation. Our mission is to join OEM - original equipment manufacturers from automation industries with their customers online, fast and worldwide.


After visiting an exhibition called Mesago in Frankfurt, Germany and talking to potential partners, we decided to move the benefits of the traditional trade shows to the next level. By using www.fairautomation.com , you receive permanent access to related information throughout the year, an unlimited number of product listings and the possibility to addres a wide audience via business blogging. We will be here to help you to achieve these goals.


As a bonus, you will have your business details translated into Chinese . Be the first in your area to join and start using all of these benefits right now.