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Panel components are structures or products that enclose an entire system or interfaces that help in either signaling or supplying power to the entire machine. Apart from enclosing different mechanical products, these components are also used on the inside or outside part of the electrical machines and front control panels.

Different panel components perform different functions depending on their primary cause of manufacture as well as the task subjected to them. Some panel components function by enclosing the entire machine, some by controlling certain parameters and functions; some can be used to supply power to the entire machine system while others are primarily used to signal functions or errors.

These components are of great importance in a wide range of functions in any mechanical industry. Components such as enclosures help in keeping the internal parts of the machine safe from any form of damage. These enclosures are also made up of long lasting steel cabinets which not only protect the internal parts of the machine but also ensure that the outer casing of the component is not damaged by water or acid. A good example are the stainless steel cabinets and the outdoor cabinets. Outdoor cabinets are all weather friendly meaning that they are not affected by the change of weather subjected to them.

Many industrial machines have the outside casing perfectly fitted with control buttons and commands. This simply means that, apart from protecting the internal parts of the machine, these components also play an important role in controlling the machines functions. This is done by simply pressing different commands and buttons which are perfectly labeled and organized on the front panels of the machines. Examples of controllers include frequency converters, data recorders, timers and counters.

The power supply of each and every industry machine requires the perfect installing and proper following of the commands. The fitting and installing of the electrical cords and cables are done at the power supply system while the setting of commands and functions is usually done on the front panel part of the machine through the help of buttons and organized commands. Examples of power supplies under the panel section are UPS, AC/DC power supplies, AC/DC open and closed frame as well as the AC/DC power supply found on the bench top. Some power supplies are also found on the PCB mount section of the machine for easy access.

Each and every industry requires signaling components to produce and emit signals which alert the user. The absence of these notifications can spell doom to the industry and the machines as well. This is where signal components come in handy. Signals which act as notifications help in informing the user that a particular function has been completed. Also, such signals play an important role when errors occur by informing the user that something is wrong and a correction or calibration has to be done immediately. Some signals such as sounders function by producing piercing sounds while others such as flashing beacons function by emitting distinctive blinking lights. Examples include sounders, flashing beacons, LED beacons, converters and xenon beacons.

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